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Custom Milling Services by Twin Pines Alpacas 

~ Specialists in Alpaca Fibre Processing ~

Custom Milling Services 

We are often asked, 'How long will it take to process my order?'.We are often asked, 'How long will it take to process my order?'

Our E‚Äčxperience 

We are the only textile mill in Ontario dedicated to processing alpaca fibre.  As owner/operators of Twin Pines Alpacas Farm & Fibre Mill we understand the dedication and work involved to achieve a successful annual fibre harvest.   Our years of experience in raising Huacaya Alpaca for fleece production and textile milling has garnered numerous compliments for the quality of our product and our personalized service.  

Our mill operator (Barb) is both an alpaca farmer and holds advanced certificates in camelid (alpaca) fibre sorting and grading.  Barb's education and experience in raising alpacas, fibre classification and textile milling will help you make the most of your annual fibre harvest.  Our focus for custom milling is to produce 100% natural fibre products for alpaca farmers.  Whether you have a herd of 5 or 20 (or more) - we will work with you to understand your needs.  If you are new to alpaca farming, let Barb work with you to help you understand what is important in preparing your fibre for our mill; and, to help you understand the variety of milling options available.  

Our Services 

We are a full service textile mill offering a range of products and services to meet your needs. Our milling process incorporates over 10 steps using specialized equipment to transform your luxurious fleece into a finished product. 

Fibre Preparation

All incoming fibre is assessed for quality and prepared first via tumbling (included) followed by two complete wash cycles (not one) to help remove residual dirt before being picked and conditioned.  


Dehairing (or more commonly known as fibre separating) is a unique process used in our mill to remove coarse fibres and hair from the finer alpaca fibres.  The process is slow and well worth the investment as it produces a better quality product.  


Blending is a process where animal or plant based fibres are milled together with your alpaca fleece.  Our mill uses and supplies 100% quality natural fibres for our blending service offering you a variety of choices for your finished products.   Blending adds lusture, durability, and strength to a finished product.  


Our mill can produce a variety of products including yarns of varying weights and styles, rovings, batts and felt insoles.  The variety of milled options available provides a selection of finished goods to choose from and helps to optimize your fibre harvest.

Drop Off/Pick Up 

Shipping fibre and paying for shipping finished products back to a mill can be costly.  With each order, you have the option to use our Drop Off/Pick Up service to save on shipping costs.   Our mill is located in central eastern Ontario - with easy access off main provincial highway corridors.  


Our custom milling pricing is competitive and offers you the ability to recoup milling expenses and still make a profit on your product sales.   

Little Extras 

New to alpaca farming or not sure how to properly skirt your fibre in preparation for a mill - just ask.  We offer educational sessions designed to help you build the skills you need to optimize your fibre harvest.  


Our Commitment 

We work with you to first finalize your custom milling order.  Once you have finalized and approved your order, a date is established to receive your fibre at the mill and we book your milling order in our production schedule.   Once your order is approved, we will send you the details on how to package and label your items using our Order Forms.   Receipt of incoming fibre is scheduled on a  mutual date/time for those opting to drop off/pick up; and, for those opting to ship via Canada Post.   We use Canada Post exclusively for shipping purposes, so if you need to ship please contact us  first before you ship, and we will provide details on how to best ship to ensure we receive it all the mill.  

We are often asked, 'How long will it take to process my order?' As a guide, the size of the order (total weight), quality of incoming fibre and the types of milled products ordered contribute to the total processing time required.  In short, approved orders are processed in the order they are received - first in - first out.  Once all order details are finalized we will offer you an estimated date for when your order will be completed.  In 2021, our 95% of orders were completed within 16-18 weeks. Our commitment to you is to turn around your fibre as quickly as possible; and, we guarantee your finished products will use and have only your own alpaca fibre content.   

Book Your Milling Order Today

To schedule your milling order, please email Barb at i[email protected] 

In order to understand your needs and answer your questions, please provide the following details in your email: 

  • Your Name (First, Last) /Farm Name/Address/Phone Contact/Email 
For each item to be milled, we need to know: 
  • Estimated weight of incoming fleece (in pounds)
  • Type of Fibre Cut (Blanket, Neck) & Staple Length
  • Product Type (yarn (weight & style), rovings, batts, felt insoles)
  • Dehairing Service - Yes or No 
  • Blending Service - Yes or No 
If you have multiple blankets/neck cuts to be processed, please list each as a separate item.   If you are batching (combining) fibre from different animals please note this in your email.   

Product Offerings

We mill a variety of yarn weights and styles  including 2 ply, 3ply, Lopi and Cotton Core.  If you have a particular style of yarn in mind, just ask as some customization is possible.   Quilt batts for duvets and rovings for felting or hand spinning; and, felt insoles provide more options for you to choose.  

Note:  Minimum quantities of incoming fibre may be required for items ordered.   Minimum weights ensure there is sufficient usable fibre to make the desired product.   Tell us what you want, and we will work with you to help you understand your options.  

We may request  to schedule a quick call with you to help us better understand your milling needs and/or clarify your order details.  

All requests for Custom Milling Orders are to be made by email and require 2-3 business days to prepare and email back to you for review/edits and approvals.  

Experience the Difference 

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to mill your fibre harvest.  As alpaca farmers and mill operators, we understand the value of optimizing your annual fibre harvest.  At Twin Pines Alpacas Farm & Fibre Mill we treat your fibre like our own - every step of the way! 

The service was a pleasure from beginning to end.  

I'll Be Back

I am new to alpaca farming. and Barb was great.  SHe helped me to understand what is important in preparing my fibre and my options for milling.  I was truly pleased with the final result!

Always Learning

I have used other mills, but I will say the yarns I had prepared from my annual harvest were the best I have had.  

Thank you.

Make the Most of Your Harvest

The yarns you made for me were lovely. I wanted you to know I am coming back this year with even more fibre to process! Thank you!

Repeat Customer

I wasn't sure how to prepare my fibre for the mill or what to do.  I decided to schedule a call with Barb and she was able to answer my questions and took the time to explain so I could learn and understand.    


I appreciate the experience Barb has in working with natural fibres.  Her support helps me learn and make better choices.   

Always Learning