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Take in the Charm of our Country Farm Store  

Whether you are a fibre enthusiast or simply looking for a unique gift - our County Farm Store is for you! 

Step inside, pause and take a look around.  Colourful displays of yarns, socks, winter apparel await. 

We also carry items of home decor, alpaca duvets and handmade-landmade knits & so much more!. 

100% Alpaca Duvets - In Stock Today 

Warm in Winter ~ Cool in Summer 



Luxurious Alpaca Yarns, Patterns & DIY Kits

100% Natural Fibres, Natural Colours, Naturally Soft.



Wonderful Rovings to Spin or Felt  

Custom blends & colourways ~ perfect for hand spinning or felting.



Baskets, Accessories, Felt Supplies, Tools & Notions

Wide selection of goodies to feed your habit!



Alpaca Apparel, Duvets, Socks, Insoles & So Much More! 

Handmade & Landmade Alpaca Handknits & Imported Alpaca/Wool Products to keep you warm! 


Our Country Farm Store  

Our Country Farm Store is our version of the old general stores from days gone by.  On your next road trip plan to stop in for a visit, say hello and take a look around.  While you are here it is likely you will also have the opportunity to view members of The Crew - grazing in the pastures - growing fibre and well - just simply enjoying farm life.  

Whether you are shopping for quality yarns and rovings; or, looking for a unique gift - our store offers something for everyone.  Browse our selection of farm spun yarns, handmade artisan knit apparel, imported alpaca blankets and socks, alpaca duvets, felt insoles - and so much more! 

Our farm spun and milled products are available only at our Country Farm Store, our Online Shop and  at any one of the festivals & events we attend across Ontario & Atlantic Canada each season. 


Our Country Farm Store is open seasonally from late spring to late December (see our hours below).  When planning your roadtrip to our store, do review the Festivals & Events page for any changes to our regular operating hours.  


Our Country Farm Store Hours  

Monday to Wednesday - Closed


Thursday & Friday (Noon to 4pm) 

Saturday (10 am to 4pm) 

Sunday (10am to 3pm)

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