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Twin Pines Alpacas Farm & Fibre Mill is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Northumberland County, nestled between the villages of Garden Hill and Millbrook, on County Road 10. A picturesque rural farming community where on any 'Sunday' drive is it easy to spot cattle, horses, sheep, alpacas and fields of cash crops waiting for the fall harvest this time of year.  

Photo credit:  Twin Pines Alpacas Farm & Fibre Mill - "Summer Grazing" 


Meet Tango

Meet Tango, he is the handsome Huacaya Alpaca pictured here.  He is one of  our large herd of alpacas  which are a local landmark and can easily be viewed from the road.  Tango and his 'Crew" are raised for their fleece and sheared once per year in the spring.    This year, Tango's fleece was used to make artisan yarns and rovings in our new on site textile mill.  

For all those patiently waiting for our farm store to open for business we thank you.   We have  have been transforming our fibre into yarns, felt and rovings in order to have product for sale in our store.  

If you would like to see a preview of what is in store - for the store, when the store opens - check out our Farm Store page.  


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